‘I wanted to kill them, you were supposed to kill me’: Drug-crazed driver who plowed into pedestrians on the sidewalk in Times Square for – killing one and injuring 22 – tells cops he planned a murder-suicide spree

This is the shocking moment a driver believed to be high on synthetic marijuana tried to flee after plowing into pedestrians in New York City’s Times Square and telling police he wanted to ‘kill them all’.

The driver, identified as 26-year-old Richard Rojas of the Bronx, was dramatically taken into custody on Thursday after killing an 18-year-old girl and seriously injuring 22 others.

A crazed Rojas tried to flee police immediately after the crash and was pictured running across the road with his arms flailing. Police said Rojas got into a fistfight with an officer as they struggled to arrest him, before he was eventually bundled into a squad car.

Rojas allegedly told police after he was arrested that he wanted to murder the innocent pedestrians and then wanted cops to kill him as well, sources told the New York Post.

‘You were supposed to shoot me. I wanted to kill them,’ Rojas told police.

Harrowing footage shows the moment he mercilessly plowed through the pedestrians as they walked around the tourist hot spot.

Law enforcement sources say that Rojas appeared to have smoked the synthetic drug, also known as K2, before to the crash.

Rojas, a former Navy electrician mate fireman’s apprentice who left service in 2014 and never served overseas, blew a 0.0 when tested for alcohol at the precinct following his arrest but initial testing came back positive for drug substances.

This is the harrowing moment a drug-crazed driver mercilessly plowed through pedestrians in Times Square on Wednesday at 11.55am The driver, Richard Rojas, 26, eventually crashed his maroon Honda sedan into a pole and tried to flee the scene (above) as others watch on in terror The driver was dramatically taken into custody on Thursday after crashing into pedestrians on a sidewalk in the tourist hot spot. Several bystanders – including a Times Square tour operator and a Planet Hollywood bouncer – helped detain him A Planet Hollywood bouncer can be seen holding Rojas by the back of his head before police took over. Officers say he got into a fistfight with a cop as they struggled to arrest him

Officials said Rojas was arrested in 2008 and 2015 for driving under the influence in Queens and Manhattan, and in 2016 for menacing in different areas of New York.

Last week, he was arrested after pulling a knife on a man in the Bronx and asking him ‘do you feel safe?’. According to an arrest report obtained by DailyMail.com, he thought the man was trying to steal his identity.

Rojas was allowed to walk free after striking up a deal with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.

‘When he was arraigned he pleaded to a lesser charge at the arraignment,’ a spokesman said.

The New York Police Department closed off Times Square after the crash, which occurred just before noon, at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway on Wednesday.

The 18-year-old Rojas killed was identified in the afternoon as Alyssa Elsman, a tourist from Michigan who was vacationing with her family when she was struck.

Her bloodied body was pictured lying on the sidewalk under a sheet. She had been walking with her 13-year-old sister – who was also injured – when they were struck.

Injured victims were seen sprawled across the sidewalk as first responders and other pedestrians tended to them.

Of the 22 people hurt, police said that four people had been critically injured with open fractures and multiple traumas and three others were seriously injured – all were hospitalized. Some 15 more were not seriously injured, and were not hospitalized.

The driver was pictured running across the road with his arms flailing after crashing into a pole on the sidewalk The driver was eventually tackled to the ground and bundled into a squad car A bystander captured the moment the speeding car crashed into a pole, causing it to flying off the ground The speeding vehicle has struck at least 20 pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City’s Times Square, killing one person and seriously injuring another four. The driver was arrested The body of a person killed in the accident was pictured lying underneath a bloodied sheet Rojas was pictured being led out of the NYPD Midtown South precinct in New York on Thursday afternoon The 18-year-old who was killed has been identified as Alyssa Elsman. She was visiting from Michigan with her family

Authorities said the driver of the maroon Honda sedan drove up Seventh Avenue in the wrong direction and made a U-turn onto the west sidewalk.

He then plowed down pedestrians for three blocks before crashing into a pole and attempting to flee. Some witnesses said the driver kept speeding even when the body of a victim was clinging to his windshield.

The car came to rest with two of its wheels in the air. It was pictured leaning on a lamppost and steel barriers intended to block vehicles from getting onto the sidewalk.

Alpha Balde, a CitySightseeing ticket agent, and a bouncer from Planet Hollywood were among those to help tackle Rojas to the ground.

‘We saw the driver running toward Planet Hollywood in the middle of the block,’ Balde told the NY Daily News.

‘The bouncer from Planet Hollywood knocked him out. He knocked him out so bad you could see the blood coming out of his face. That’s when I jumped in, I grabbed him from his neck and within about one minute everybody’s there.

‘I ripped off his shirt… to make sure this guy doesn’t have anything under his shirt that’s going to damage you.’

‘He’s just mowing down people,’ said Asa Lowe, of Brooklyn, who was standing outside a store when he heard screaming. ‘He didn’t stop. He just kept going.’

After the car struck a barricade and stopped, the driver climbed out of his vehicle, Lowe said. ‘He just started running until people tackled him down,’ Lowe said. ‘Citizens just reacted.’

Survivors describe terrifying scene of Times Square car crash No compatible source was found for this video.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio both visited Times Square to assess the scene.

Cuomo released a statement in which he said: ‘Today’s events at times square were nothing short of horrific.’

He added: ‘As the facts continue to emerge, my heart goes out to the victims of this terrible tragedy, as well as their families.’

Police do not suspect a link to terrorism, but the vehicle was checked by the bomb squad and certain city landmarks were getting a beefed up police presence.

‘Based on the information that we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism,’ Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene.

Traffic all around Times Square is snarled up after the incident. Police are continuing to increase the size of the closed area to keep crowds away from the scene.

City authorities were nevertheless deploying extra police from anti-terror units to key locations around the US financial and cultural capital, home to 8.5 million, out of ‘an abundance of caution,’ the mayor said.

Witnesses said everyone just started running when the car rammed into a pole and came to rest at 45th Street and Broadway The New York Police Department closed off the area after the collisions occurred on on Thursday, just before noon, at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway

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